Other Recommended Clinics


See Below for a list of clinics offering skilled manipulative physiotherapy & treatment in other parts of GTA if you are not able to come to our clinic.


Adelaide West Physio

Toronto Downtown

High Performance

Toronto Mid-town


GTA North – Thornhill/Vaughan

East Toronto Orthopedic

Toronto East

Pivot Sports

Toronto West

York Physio Associates

GTA North – Richmond Hill

Core Solution


Medical / Health Care Clinics

See Below for a list of Medical / Allied Health Care Clinics that provide excellent care.


Physiatry Assessment with integrative approaches for Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia. Botox and Prolotherapy Injections provided onsite to treat headaches, chronic pain, and unstable joints.

River Clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatment for pain, dermatology and neurology.

Thornhill Naturopathic

Comprehensive Naturopathic Treatment including Intravenous therapy, Infrared Sauna, Hydrotherapy and homeopathy.


Comprehensive treatment provided by specialists for a variety of pain management including Epidural Steroid injection, Radiofrequency facet neurotomy and IV Lidocaine/Ketamine infusion.


Sports Medicine in North York area.  Comprehensive injections such as Platelet-rich-Plasma (PRP) provided.

toronto headache & pain

Expertise pain and Botox Injection for Migraine and Headaches.