covid screening questions


Regulated health professionals are now permitted to provide regular care in clinic with appropriate physical distancing, personal protective equipment and policies in place. We take our patients’ and staff’s safety as priority and have implemented the following steps.


We will be screening each patient for the symptoms related to COVID-19 as outlined by the Ontario government.


Please also inform us if you have  been exposed to anyone who has tested positive with COVID-1


Please inform the clinic as soon as possible should you be tested positive for COVID-19.


Please wear a mask the entire duration of my presence in the clinic and use hand sanitizer upon the arrival in our clinic.


Woodbine Physiotherapy will implement the following distancing, disinfection and sanitizing standards as set out in the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee Infection Prevention and Control (PIDAC-IPC).


  • Actively screen every patient for symptoms that are common to COVID-19 prior to any appointment and no admittance into our facility will be allowed for anyone who has failed the screening. Our front door will remain locked to prevent any unexpected entry.


  • Each patient will wait in the car upon arrival at the parking lot and contact us through the phone. When the room is ready, the patient will be called into each private room and exit the room without any encounter with other patients to maximize distancing. No visitors (except for the legal guardian of a child)  will be allowed to enter the clinic.  Each patient must wear a mask the entire duration in the clinic and utilize hand-sanitizer upon entry. Only contactless payment will be accepted and the service invoice will be emailed to each patient after each visit.


  • Each staff and therapist will adhere to health and safety standards. This will include COVID-19 screening prior to their shift attesting to their health status. Each clinical staff will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) including eye protection, mask, disposable gloves, scrub/gown as outlined by the ministry of health for the community- based treatment of non-COVID-19 suspected cases.  Thorough disinfection of modality equipment will take place before and after each use. ( e.g. therapeutic laser, shockwave and electrotherapy)


  • Disinfection (with Benzalkonium Chloride disinfectant) of the treatment room before and after each patient. ( Bed, table, chair, light switches, doorknob and any other frequently touched area). The pillowcase will be changed and a new crepe paper will be placed on top of the pillow.


  •  Frequent disinfection of the common area including the hallway, front reception area, plexiglass sneeze guard, front door surfaces. Onsite washroom usage is discouraged and disinfection of the washroom (faucet, light switches, toilet handle, pull bar, doorknobs, floor) after each use.