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Differences between Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Frequently Asked Questions between these two techniques.

Transfers and body mechanics

Proper way to transfer from sitting to lying and to standing. 

Also demonstration about proper body mechanics in washing face, brushing teeth, washing dishes, dressing and lifting.

nerve mobilization

Nerve Mobilization Exercises for the Arms and Legs

These exercises help you to mobilize the nerves from your neck and lower back with slider and tensioner types.





(For Dizziness & Balance)

Vestibular Rehab Exs

These fundamental exercises are useful after acute injuries or after cast removal.

You can activate or “flex” your muscles without much joint movement. Both upper and lower limbs joints are listed.

These exercises are useful to decrease Dizziness and improve Balance.  Also useful for after a concussion.

Adaptation works on your eye-head movements

Habituation works on the rest of your body.


NECK (Cervical Spine) & POSTURE

Neck Isometric Strengthening

Neck Strengthening Exercises – Isometrics with gentle resistance.

1. Flexion

2. Extension/Retraction

3. Side-Bends

4. Rotations

Postural Exercises

Postural Strengthening Exercises

1. Neck/Shoulder blade Retractions

2. Prone Extension

3. Reverse Fly

Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture – most common postural problem associated with computer and device usage. Develop awareness to avoid excessive slouching and load on your back.


Lumbar Stretches

Lumbar ( Lower Back) Stretches – Useful for decreasing tension and load on your back.

1. Single Knee to Chest

2. Figure 4

3. Knee to Opposite Shoulder

4. QL stretch

McGill Big 4

Lumbar ( Lower Back) Core Strengthening Exercises – useful for decrease strain and protect your  back.   “McGill Big 4”

1. Modified Curl-up

2. Front Plank

3. Side Plank

4. Birddog

SI and Misalignment

Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction & Exercises.

Most commonly found SI problem with rotation of the ilium.

1. Single-Knee-to-Chest

2. Neck and Shoulder Blade Retractions

Lumbar Extension Exs

Lumbar Extension Exercises – Most commonly used for disc bulge/herniation

1. Standing Extension

2. Lazy Push-up

Global Core Stabilization

Global Core Stabilization Exercises  – Progression of the core exercises from basic to advanced levels. Please remember to engage the deep core stabilizers prior to doing any of these exercises.

Lumbar Flexion Exs

Lumbar Flexion Exercises – Most commonly used with low back pain due to degeneration/bone spurs and slipping of the vertebrae

1. Double Knee to Chest

2. Seated Flexion/Bend

3. Posterior Pelvic Tilts

Deep Core Stabilizers

Deep Core Stabilization Exercises – useful as the basis for other advanced core exercises and to protect our back.

1. Pelvic Floor “Kegel” Exercises

2. Transverse Abdominis “TA” Exercise

3. Multifidus Exercises


TMJ ( TemporoMandibular Joint) Jaw


TMJ Jaw Disorders and Exercises

1. Proper Posture

2. Tracking in Opening/Closing

3. Isometric Strengthening – Deviation Correction



Shoulder ROM Exs
Shoulder Strengthening Exs
Elbow ROM & Strengthening

Shoulder ROM/ Flexibility Exercises – Useful for Rotator Cuff Tendonitis & Frozen Shoulder.

1. Table Slides

2. Stick Exercises

3. Wall Slides


Shoulder Strengthening Exercises Using Resistance Band

1. Forward Flexion

2. Extension

3. Abduction

4. Adduction

5. External Rotation

6. Internal Rotation

Elbow ROM/Flexibility Exercises & Strengthening Exercises

1. Flexion

2. Extension

3. Supination

4. Pronation

Wrist Strengthening Exs

Wrist Strengthening Exercises – Useful to build up general strength of your wrist

1. Flexion

2. Extension

3. Radial Deviation

4. Ulnar Deviation

5. Pronation

6. Supination


Finger ROM & Strengthening Exs

Finger & Thumb ROM/Flexibility Exercises & Strengthening Exercises


1. Flexion

2. Extension

3. Abduction

4. Adduction



Hip ROM Stretches Exs

Hip ROM/Flexibility Exercises – maintaining flexibility of muscles attached to the hip region

1. Flexion

2. Extension

3. Abduction

4. Adduction

5. Internal & External Rotation

6. Quads & Hamstrings

Hip Strengthening Exs

Hip Strengthening Exercises – Useful for general weakness & Joint Arthritis

1. SLR / Flexion

2. Bridging / Extension

3. Abduction

4. Adduction

5. Internal & External Rotation


Knee ROM Exs

Knee ROM/Flexibility Exercises – increase/maintain proper flexibility of your knee

1. Flexion

2. Extension

Knee Strengthening Exs

Knee Strengthening Exercises – General strengthening from low to higher level. Good for arthritis, meniscal and ligamentous strain.

1. Lying position

2. Standing position

3. Hip Strengthening


Ankle  ROM Strengthening Exs

Ankle ROM/Flexibility & Strengthening Exercises – Useful after ankle sprain and injuries.

1. Dorsiflexion

2. Plantarflexion

3. Inversion

4. Eversion


Ankle Advanced Strengthening

Ankle Advanced Strengthening & Plyometrics

– to increase balance, agility and power

1. Balance Exercises

2. Full body weight dips

3. Plyometric Jumping