Virtual-Physio consultation allows you to have a secured one-on-one video session with your physiotherapist.  Please email us at for further information and to arrange for an appointment.


It is an excellent tool for a CONSULTATION to help you confirm your physiotherapy diagnosis and the proper professional recommendations for your condition.


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to gain control over their symptoms such as:

a) musculoskeletal pain

b) nerve symptoms with tingling and numbness

c) difficulties with daily activities such as bending, twisting, walking and standing

d) difficulties in sports activities such as running and cycling

e) pain and limited function due to injuries

f) pre-operative and post-operative symptoms and conditioning

g) stiffness and weakness after cast removal


What to expect during the session?

a) detailed specific questions about the history of your symptoms

b) movement assessment and special tests

c) providing you with a physiotherapy diagnosis

d) providing you with management recommendation: Education, What to do/not to do,

Exercises and self-care techniques

e) assess and re-assess your exercise forms

e) relevant resources and exercises through email


We will inform you if your situation requires in-person treatment


What is the benefit?

a) accessing physiotherapy service from the comfort of your

home/office at a convenient time without the commute

b) a person who may not be able to access the clinic physically

c) a person with a busy schedule such as new mom/dad, busy professionals

d) safe, secure and confidential session


What equipment do you need?

a) any device with a camera and speaker such as smartphones, tablets

and notebook computers

b) a stand/tripod to place your device is useful in most situation to demonstrate


c) A headphone/earphone with microphone will maximize the experience. ( Bluetooth or wired)


How do I connect?


Just follow the steps and it is “Easy as 1-2-3-4”.


1. Email us at to set up an appointment.

2. Our physiotherapist will email you with a web-link and instructions for the secured connection.

3. Click the email link on your device & “Check-in.”

4. Our physiotherapist will start the session.


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